Our Company

"Our Management Team and How We Started"

Dataprep Payment Solutions Sdn. Bhd. (DPS) is an independent Payment BPO Company and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dataprep Holdings Bhd, the first Malaysian IT Company listed on Bursa Malaysia in 1991. DPS focus is on payment devices which include the supply and maintenance of Point of Sale [POS] and Electronic Draft Capture [EDC] terminals that support credit/debit cards, as well as other multi-purpose cards.

DPS also provides other related offerings such as hardware and software solutions and merchant acquisition services.

DPS is currently the master merchant and third party merchant acquirer for a few financial institutions. DPS was granted approval by Bank Negara Malaysia on 13 November 2019 for issuing Designated Payment Instrument [electronic money or e-money] under section 11 of the Financial Services Act 2013. The group is targeting e-money for the education sector to boost the revenue of the payment solutions and services segment.

On 18 July 2022, DPS has been given the approval by BNM to expand its cashless payment platform from specific to school & compuses to general users, i.e. general e-wallet.

Our Story

dPurse E-Wallet is primarily designed to address cashless payment requirements for usage by specific consumer segments (specific age groups from students as young as 7 years of age up to 23 years of age,) which are expected to become the early adopters and influencers for Cashless Society as it is a critical differentiator to others similar cashless instrument. Its main use case is to enable cashless operation for schools and higher education campuses’ ecosystems. Considering the fact that minors (i.e. for students as young as 7 years of age) are the significant target user, the dPurse ecosystem has been developed with a robust and novel technology stack formulated to address specific challenges within this operational framework.

What we do

We provide services:

  • dPurse e-Wallet for Schools
  • dPurse e-Wallet for higher education institutions
  • dPurse e-Wallet for general users
  • dPurse LAN Wireless Network connectivity
  • dPurse e-attendance